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63 The EKPO-MENGE field contains the value 1234.56. The Dictionary definition specifies
3 decimal places and an output length of 17.
&EKPO-MENGE& -> 1,234.560
&EKPO-MENGE(T)& -> 1234.560 7.6.10 Specifying an Exponent for Floating Point Numbers The way a floating point number is formatted depends on whether an exponent is specified. The
mantissa is adjusted by shifting the decimal point and, if necessary, introducing leading zeros,
according to the exponent chosen. Using an exponent value of 0 means that the exponent
representation will not be used for displaying the symbol.
&symbol (EN)& If you specify an exponent of 0, then the number is displayed without using the exponent
representation. This has the same effect as completely omitting the specification of an
exponent: &symbol(E0)& has the same effect as &symbol(E)&
In this example, the PLMK-SOLLWERT field is assumed to have the value 123456.78
and to be of data type FLTP.
&PLMK-SOLLWERT& -> +1.23456780000000E+05
&PLMK-SOLLWERT(E3)& -> +123.456780000000E+03
&PLMK-SOLLWERT(E6)& -> +0.12345678000000E+06
&PLMK-SOLLWERT(E0)& -> +123456.780000000
&PLMK-SOLLWERT(E)& -> +123456.780000000 7.6.11 Right-Justified Output Symbol values other than numeric values are normally formatted left-justified. To specify right-
justified formatting, use the R option. You must use this option in conjunction with an output
length specification.
&symbol (R)&
If symbol has the value 1234.
&symbol& -> 1234
&symbol(8R) -> 1234 For program symbols, the length specification contained in the Dictionary definition may be
used instead of an explicit length. 7.6.12 Fill Characters You can replace leading spaces in a value with a fill character. Use the F option with the
character immediately following the F in the specification as the fill character.
&symbol (F f )& f = fill character
The figure for customer sales in the KNA1-UMSAT field is $700. The Dictionary
description of the field specifies an output length 8.
&KNA1-UMSAT& -> 700.00
&KNA1-UMSAT(F*)& -> **700.00
&KNA1-UMSAT(F0)& -> 00700.00 7.6.13 Suppressing Output of Initial Values Use the I option to suppress the output of symbols that still contain their initial values.
&symbol (I)&