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18 Note that the width of the main window must be the same on all pages. All other window types
can have different sizes and positions on different pages.
To print multiple columns, define several main windows on a page. As text entry is continuous,
once the first main window has been filled, output continues in the second main window.
2.7 Text Elements You can define text elements (window texts) for each window. On the Form: Request screen,
choose Edit Text elements.
The print program accesses text elements by name, formats them and prints them in the
respective window. That is, the program can decide which text elements should be printed in a
particular window. It calls these text elements by name to print them. You must therefore
change text element names in the print program if you make any changes to text element
names in a form.
In the layout of a text element, you can use only the paragraph and character formats defined in
the form.
Example of a text element in an order confirmation:
/ &'Customerarticlenumber 'VBDPA-IDNKD' '&&'Position
This example shows a section of a main window of a form, with an item line of an order
confirmation. The /E in the tag column is used to identify the text as a text element, ITEM_LINE
is the name of the text element.
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