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19 2.7.1 Default Text Element At the start of a window, you can define a text element without the /E command in the
paragraph format column. This text is always printed at the start of the window. It is not
necessary to insert this text explicitly via a print program.
2.8 Main Window In the definition of page windows you can define several main windows per page. However,
you must first specify an area for the main windows.
This function allows you to output text either in columns as in newspapers, or next to and below
each other as in label printing.
You can specify the size and position of this area under the group heading Area: Left margin Amount of space from the left border of the page Right margin Amount of space from the right border of the page Area width Width of the area (required entry) Area height Height of the area (required entry) To position several main windows in this area, you must assign values to the variables under
the group headings Horizontal and Vertical.
Under the group heading Horizontal, enter Spacing Horizontal spacing of the main windows Number Number of main windows (horizontal) Under the group heading Vertical, enter Spacing Vertical spacing of the main windows Number Number of main windows (vertical) The units of measurement which can be used in the fields Left margin, Upper margin, Area
width, Area height
, and Spacing for both horizontal and vertical measurements are: CH Characters CM Centimeters LN Lines MM Millimeters PT Points TW Twips (1/20 point) For the vertical area, CH is calculated using the CPI value in the header data of the form. LN is
converted on the basis of the LPI value in the header data of the form.
The field Start position under the group heading Positions is a counter for the main windows
defined in a page window. You can use this counter to number the columns. Always enter a
value greater than or equal to 1 for the counter Start position.
If you change the counter of the form main window, the form main window can no
longer be distinguished from the main windows of the page window.
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