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4.2 Processing in Overview Form maintenance offers three processing options: Create/change Change a form that already exists or create a new
one. Display Display a specific form. Catalog Display all available forms. To create a form,
1. Enter the form name and fill in the header information . 2. Define any paragraph formats and character formats that you need for the form. 3. Define page formats for the form. 4. Define the windows you want to position on the pages. 5. Define text elements in windows. These are the default texts and the texts selected by the program that can be printed in windows. 6. Specify how the windows are to be placed on the pages by defining page windows . 4.2.1 Defining Header Data The header data of a form consist of Administration data and Basic settings.
The Administration data include Administration information and Language attributes. In the Administration information group, enter Form name Description Development class In the Lang. attributes (Language attributes) group, you find Original language Current language (language key) Information on the translation of the form.
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