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41 In DSYS texts, all DSYS texts can be included, whatever ID they have. Document texts
to be included must have one of the IDs TX or UO. Into the other texts, standard texts with any allowable text ID, DSYS texts with all IDs,
and document texts with the IDs TX and UO can be included. The INCLUDE command returns a status code in the SAPSCRIPT-SUBRC symbol: 0: the text include was successful. 1: the command could not be executed because it contained syntax errors. 2: the rules governing the text to be included were not followed (see above). This value cannot occur if the command is used in a SAPscript form.
4: the specified text could not be found. 6.12 Changing the Style: STYLE The STYLE control command allows you to change the style within a text. The new style is in
force until another STYLE command is issued. If you specify * as the name of the style, then the
system reverts to the original style.
/: STYLE *
A style set with this command has no effect in a text included with INCLUDE. The system takes
the paragraph and character formats from the calling text. To use the style set with STYLE in
the INCLUDE text as well, you must add DOMINANT to the command.
If the INCLUDE text has a style assigned to it, in both cases, the system always takes
the paragraph and character formats from the directly assigned style.
6.13 Formatting Addresses: ADDRESS The ADDRESS - ENDADDRESS control command formats an address according to the postal
convention of the recipient country defined in the COUNTRY parameter. The reference fields
are described in the structures ADRS1, ADRS2, or ADRS3, depending on the type of address.
Either direct values or symbols may be assigned to the parameters.
/: TITLE title
/: NAME name1[,name2[,name3[,name4]]]
/: PERSON name of natural person [TITLE form of address]
/: PERSONNUMBER number of the personen
/: DEPARTMENT department
/: STREET street name HOUSE house number
/: LOCATION additional location information
/: POBOX po box [CODE post code / zip code] [CITY city]
/: POSTCODE post code / zip_code
/: CITY city1[,city2]
/: REGION county / state
/: COUNTRY recipient country [LANGUAGE language code]
/: LANG_FOR_COUNTRY language key
/: FROMCOUNTRY sender country
/: ADDRESSNUMBER address number
The parameter values contain both formatting and address information. The address data are
formatted for output according to the data in the following parameters: TYPE FROMCOUNTRY COUNTRY LANGUAGE PRIORITY DELIVERY LINES
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