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42 For more information, see the documentation for the SAP function module
If DELIVERY is not specified and if a POBOX is specified, then the POBOX is used in an
address instead of a STREET. 6.13.1 Parameters DELIVERY Means that the address should be formatted as a complete delivery address, using the
street name and number rather than the P.O. Box.
TYPE Specifies the type of address. The following types are possible: 4. Normal address (ADRS1). This is the address of a company or organization. It corresponds to the address structure that is expected in most SAP applications. 5. Private or personal address (ADRS2). This is the address of a natural person, a private or home address. 6. Company addressDienstadresse (ADRS3) with contact person. This is the address of a colleague or contact within a company or organization. The
company name should be specified in the TITLE and NAME fields; the ATTN:
contact person should be named in PERSON and TITLE. Should you enter another address type or leave the field blank, then type 1 is used for
PARAGRAPH Specifies the paragraph format to be used for outputting the address. If this parameter is not
given, the address will be output using the default paragraph format.
PRIORITY Specifies which of the address lines may be omitted should this be necessary. Any
combination of the following codes may be specified. The order in which you list the codes
determines the order in which address lines are left out.
The codes are as follows: A Title
P Mandatory empty line
4 Name4
3 Name3
R Region
T Neighborhood, administrative section of a city (CITY2)l
D Department
L Country name
C Post code or zip code
2 Name2
B P.O. Box (Japan only)
S Street name and number or P.O. Box, depending upon DELIVERY parameter
N Name and form of address of natural person (PERSON and TITLE)
I Location information in LOCATION
O City LINES Specifies how many lines may be used for formatting the address. If there are too few lines
available to allow all the address data to be formatted, then the data specified in the
PRIORITY parameter are omitted. If there is no LINES parameter and if this command is in
a form window of a type other than MAIN, then the number of lines available for formatting
the address are automatically calculated based on the current output position and the size
of the window.
TITLE Title or form of address. Used only with addresses of types 1 and 3.
NAME Up to four names may be given, separated by commas. Used only with addresses of types
1 and 3.
PERSON Name of the addressee. Used only for addresses of type 2 (private or personal address) or
type 3 (company contact address). In type 3 addresses, use PERSON for the name of your
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