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44 The number is used to index a central address file, from which the desired address is read
instead of using the set of the above fields. You can find more information on this facility in
the documentation for the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM.
You use this one parameter instead of the set of parameters described before.

/: TITLE 'Firma'
/: NAME 'Schneider & Co', 'Finanzberatung'
/: STREET 'Kapitalgasse 33'
/: POBOX '12345' CODE '68499'
/: POSTCODE '68309'
/: CITY 'Mannheim'
This produces the following output address:
Schneider & Co
Postfach 12345

68499 Mannheim
If the DELIVERY parameter is specified on the ADDRESS command, then the street
name and number will appear in the address in place of the P. O. Box number.
Schneider & Co
Kapitalgasse 33

68309 Mannheim

SAPscript makes an internal call to the ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM function
module for formatting the address. If the result is not as expected, you should check the
settings for this function module (see the function module documentation). Setting a Header Text in the Main Window: TOP You can use the TOP.. ENDTOP control command to specify lines of text that you want to print
always at the top of the main window. These text lines are also known as header texts. For
example, you would use header texts in the case of a very long table covering several pages of
output to ensure that the table heading information were repeated at the start of each new page
of output.
/: TOP
The lines of text enclosed between the two control commands will be output from now on at the
start of the main window.
An existing header text can be disabled by using the TOP.. ENDTOP command pair without
enclosing any text lines between the two command lines:
/: TOP
Subsequent pages will contain no header text. If the main window already contains some output then a newly specified
header text takes effect on the next page only. The same applies to the deletion of a header text. If a header text has
already been output on the current page then it cannot be retracted.
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