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43 contact person: `Attn: Mr. Jeffries'. The name fields should be used for the company
PERSONNUMBER Personal number. Can be used only for address types 2 or 3 (private or personal address).
TITLE (with PERSON) Title of the addressee. Can be used only for address types 2 or type 3 (private or personal
DEPARTMENT Department of the addressee. Can be used only for address type 3 (company address).
STREET Street name.
HOUSE House number for the corresponding street.
LOCATION Additional location information, such as the building, "Upstairs Apartment" and so on.
Appears on its own line in the address.
CODE The post code / zip code of the P. O. Box if this differs from the post code / zip code of the
CITY The city in which the destination P.O. Box is located if this differs from the city of the
POSTCODE Post code / zip code of the recipient.
CITY Addressee's city. city1 is expected to be the city; city2 is the neighborhood or administrative
section, if required.
Usually, the system prints the city and country names of foreign addresses in uppercase (
NO_UPPERCASE_FOR_CITY ` ` ). You can use this parameter to force the system to output city and country name unchanged
REGION This allows an administrative region, county, province, or state etc. to be specified.
COUNTRY Specifies the recipient country, i.e. the country according to whose postal conventions the
address is to be formatted.
COUNTRY_IN_REC_LANG This flag tells the system to use the recipient language for the country name.
( Default: Recipient language is not used: COUNTRY_IN_REC_LANG ` ` ) LANG_FOR_COUNTRY Default = Space
Use this parameter to explicitly set the language in which to print the country name of a
foreign address. By default, the system uses the language of the sending country.
LANGUAGE Language code of the language of the recipient country, if it differs from that of the recipient
COUNTRY. Example: addresses in Switzerland. Standard SAP language codes are used;
you can display these in the initial SAPscript text processing screen or in table T002.
FROMCOUNTRY Specifies the language to be used for formatting the name of the recipient country. For most
European countries, the recipient country is specified by placing the international car
registration letters in front of the post code and separating them from the post code with a
hyphen. You must always specify the sender country.
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