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9 2.2 Paragraph Formats and Attributes In SAPscript, paragraphs are formatted using formats and their corresponding attributes. Text
processing is simplified by the use of different paragraph attribute groups: Standard Font Tabs Outline There are naming conventions for paragraph tags: The paragraph tag can have one or two characters. The first character in the paragraph tag must be a letter, the second a letter, number, or
blank; special characters are not valid. The paragraph format must be identified in the Description field. 2.2.1 Standard Paragraph Attributes In the Standard attribute group, you find the general attributes that can be defined in paragraph
formats: Description Precise explanation of your paragraph tag, so that the user can immediately identify it.
Left or right margin Amount of space between the paragraph and the left or right border of the form window.
Indent first line Indent of the first line of a paragraph. If the value is positive, it is indented to the right, if it is
negative, it is indented to the left.
If you specify a negative value, then you must place the minus sign after the number: 1- .
Space before and space after
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