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10 Space before and space after control the amount of space between paragraphs. The actual
space between paragraphs results from the space after the preceding paragraph and the
space before the following paragraph.
Alignment Alignment of a paragraph. Left-aligned LEFT Right-aligned RIGHT
Centered CENTER Justified BLOCK Line spacing Spacing between the lines. The default value is 1 line; the LPI value (lines per inch) in the
header data is used to calculate the line spacing.
No blank lines Suppression of blank lines. You can control whether the blank lines of a paragraph should
be suppressed in the printout or not: No entry blank lines not suppressed X blank lines suppressed Page protection Cohesion of a paragraph. It is possible to determine whether or not a paragraph can be
divided by a page break. No entry no page protection (default) X all lines of the paragraph are on one page Next paragraph same page Cohesion of two adjacent paragraphs. Here you can define whether the subsequent
paragraph should begin on the same page (that is, at least the first line of the subsequent
paragraph must be on the same page). No entry subsequent paragraph is output on the same page or the next page, depending on the
amount of space (default) X subsequent paragraph begins on the same page 2.2.2 Font Attributes for Paragraphs You can specify font attributes for paragraph formats. They control the font used in the text. You
can specify these attributes both for the default font in the header and for particular paragraph
formats: Font family Enter a font supported in the SAPscript font maintenance.
Font size Enter the size of a character font. It is measured in 1/10 point.
Bold/Italic Specify whether to use bold-face printing or italics.
Underlined Mark this attribute to underline entire blocks of text.
When defining a paragraph format, use More to specify these underline attributes: Spacing between the base line and the underline Thickness Intensity Intensity is expressed in percent: 0 % is a black underline; 100 % is no underline. If you defined default underlining in the header, then the fields for underline attributes are
already displayed on the screen. The following selection criteria apply to the font attributes bold, italics, and underlined: Off attribute is not set Retain inherited On attribute is set
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