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67 This date representation is always formatted using the JPDAT conversion routine. All remaining system symbols are treated by the primary conversion as a character string and
thus are not converted.
The end conversion is started when the primary conversion is complete.
7.8.2 Primary Formatting of Standard Symbols Standard symbols are treated by the primary formatting as a character string and thus are not
converted. The end formatting is started immediately.
7.8.3 Primary Formatting of Program Symbols Program symbols are initially converted from their internal representation into a character
representation. This is done using the ABAP WRITE command together with additional
parameters as appropriate for the specified options. The options to which the primary
conversion applies depend on the data type.
The formatting is carried out in an internal work field by the ABAP WRITE command. This field
is chosen according to the data type and length. The various options are handled by appropriate
extensions to the WRITE commands: S NO-SIGN Z NO-ZERO . DECIMALS E EXPONENT I A check is made for an initial value by using an IF statement to do an IS INITIAL comparison. I S Z * K < > E . Length CHAR x x x CURR x x 2 x x x x 2 DEC x x 2 x x x x 2 NUMC x x x x VAR x x x VARC x x x LANG x x x UNIT x x x DATE x x DATS x x TIME x x TIMS x x QUAN x x 2 x x x x 2 INT1 x x x 2 x x x 2 INT2 x x x 2 x x x 2 INT4 x x x 2 x x x 2 PREC x x x 2 x x x 2 CUKY x x x ACCP x x x CLNT x x x FLTP x 1 2 x x x 2 1 ABAP WRITE currently ignores this option for floating point numbers. 2 The value is formatted using the ABAP WRITE command in a work field with the specified length If a conversion routine is defined in the ABAP Dictionary, then the primary formatting is
performed using this routine only. In this case, none of the options listed in this table are
applicable unless you deactivate the conversion routine with the K option.
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