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68 After the primary conversion of a program symbol is completed, the formatted value is then
subjected to the end formatting.
7.8.4 Primary Formatting of Text Symbols Text symbols are treated by the primary formatting as a character string and thus are not
converted. The end formatting is started immediately.
7.8.5 End Formatting In end formatting, the following formatting options are applied to the symbol value in the given
order. These are the same for all symbol types.
5. If the C option is used, a space compression is performed.
6. If the L option is used, local date formatting is performed.
7. If an offset is specified, the offset is interpreted.
8. If an output length is specified then the length is interpreted.
9. If a fill character is specified (the F option), these are added to the formatted value.
10. If pre-texts and post-texts are soecified, they are processed and added to the formatted value.

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