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13 2.3.1 Standard Attributes for Character Formats Marker Links a search key to the selected character string when the end user uses this character
format. Examples include glossary, hypertext, and data element links. Here, selected
character strings are assigned the appropriate key.
Bar code Bar code that is required for certain variables and is known to the printer, for example
EAN8. The character string is printed as a bar code if the character string concerned is
Bar code names, such as EAN8, refer to system bar codes. These are defined in the
SAPscript font maintenance (Tools Word processing Font). Protected The character string is not split by a line break, but printed together on the next line.
Hidden The character string is not printed. The text is only visible in the text editor.
Superscript/subscript The character string is printed half a line higher or lower. The following options are available for defining these attribute types: Off Attribute is not set Retain Attribute is inherited On Attribute is set 2.3.2 Font Attributes for Character Formats Font attributes can be specified for character formats as well as for paragraph formats. You
have the same options as for defining font attributes for paragraph formats.
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