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12 Numbering type ARABIC Arabic numerals: 1, 2, 3. CHAR Fixed character: letter or numeral, entered in the field LETTER Letters: A-Z ROMAN Roman numerals: I, II, III, IV Depending upon the numbering type that you select, the following attributes may also apply: Fixed character Define the fixed character to be used for numbering. You should only make an entry in
the field Fixed character if you have specified CHAR as the numbering type. Fixed
characters include + - and o . Output length Enter the number of characters for Arabic numerals. Upper case Specify for letters or Roman numerals. 2.3 Character Formats and Attributes Character formats, as opposed to paragraph attributes, allow you to format entire blocks of text
within a paragraph.
Character attribute groups can be: Standard Font

When you define character formats, observe the following naming conventions: The character format can have one or two characters. The first character must be a letter, the second a letter, number, or blank;
special characters are not valid. Enter a simple explanation in the field Description. It is intended to help the user
make a selection.
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