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33 + Horizontal spacing = Left margin of next column In label printing, the field Upper margin also varies from main window to main window: Upper margin of current main window + Window height + Vertical spacing = Upper margin of next main window 6. Enter a value in the field Start position. This is a counter. Enter a starting value which is equal to or greater than 1.
The main windows are added to the list. 7. Save your form. 4.3 Test-Printing a Form You can test a form without having to call the print program that uses it. Choose Utilities Test print. SAPscript presents the print selection screen so that you can pick the printer type for
which the test print should be formatted.
The Test print function Displays or prints all pages and text elements that are defined in the form. Replaces system, standard, and text symbols with their current values. Program
symbols are filled with a test value, the character X. If you test print from the Form: Request screen, SAPscript uses the active version of a form for
the test print. If you are currently editing a form, then SAPscript uses this edit version of the form
for the test print.
Under certain conditions, texts may not be printed in Test print: This is the case, for
example, when the name of a text in an INCLUDE statement is defined with a program
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