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11 The combination of font family, font size, bold type attribute and italics attribute is
referred to as a system font or SAP font. To use the SAPscript font maintenance,
choose Tools Word processing Font. 2.2.3 Tabs in Paragraph Formats You can define as many tab positions as you require for each paragraph format. The text can
be aligned in different ways: Left-aligned with LEFT Right-aligned with RIGHT Centered with CENTER At the sign with SIGN At the comma or decimal point with DECIMAL You can control the tab feed in a paragraph with tab positions. The tab stops you define in the
paragraph format replace the tab spacing you defined in the header data of the form. However,
this depends on the extent to which you have defined tab stops in the paragraph format. If there
are fewer tabs in the paragraph formats than in the header data, the tab stops of the header
data are used for the rest of the line. The tab stops are represented as, , in the text editor.
You can use different units of measurement to define a tab position: CH Characters CM Centimeters MM Millimeters PT Points TW Twips (1/20 point)

The unit of measurement CH is converted to an absolute unit of measurement using the
CPI value (characters per inch) from the header data of the form. 2.2.4 Paragraph and Heading Numbering The paragraph numbering and marking attributes are used to structure texts into chapters,
subchapters, and sections. Numbering is carried out automatically by SAPscript.
You can create an outline with the entry options available: Outline Enter the name of the highest-level paragraph in an outline hierarchy here. The outline
hierarchy is created by assigning this paragraph to all outline paragraphs.
Outline level Enter the level in the outline hierarchy. The outline levels of the paragraphs are numbered
upwards from 1; the highest outline level therefore has the outline number 1.
Number margin Specify the space between numbering and window border. Note that your numbering may
extend into the text area of the paragraph if the difference between the left margin and the
number margin is not great enough to hold the numbering characters.
Left/right delimiter Specify the character that precedes or follows the numbering.
Number chaining Specify whether you want the paragraph numbering of the paragraph to be preceded by the
numbering of all higher paragraphs in the hierarchy. ...with number chaining ...without number chaining 3. 3. 3.1 1. 3.2 2. 3.2.1 1. Character string Specify the numbering format. The numbering can be assigned a different font or character
format to the rest of the paragraph.
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